Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Whatever happened to that dummy guy?

Remember this guy?

Well, he did one last gig for me recently.  Halloween.  It's a natural right?
I was going to have him lying on the porch with a sheet draped over him.  The poor guy has lost his right arm.  My oldest daughter decided he need to be sitting up instead. She sat with him until it got too cold and then she went inside to wait for trick-or-treaters.  So that's where he spent Halloween night.

Then we had a lot of wind. Like 45-55 mph gusts type wind.  We had finished prepping a planting bed in the front yard, pretty close to the porch, with horse manure.  It was fairly dry manure but it still had some stink to it. Anyway, the prevailing winds blew a lot of the crap onto our dummy friend.  Add dust and weeds and well, there was no way any of that was going to wash out, so...

He's on the curb waiting for the bulk trash pickup guy to take him away.  The storm we had last weekend blew him onto the dry creek and under the rain gutter spout.  He was frozen stiff.  I don't know where his right arm got to.  Might find it in the spring. 

I hope I'm home when the truck comes. I wanna see the guy's face when he sees Mr. Dummy lying in the gutter.

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Pam said...

Frozen dummy????? Pun Pun!