Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday Musings: Sunday Doodles

Church services can be soooo boring sometimes.  Kids have an especially hard time keeping still and staying reverent.  I often have notebooks and colored pencils/pens in my Sunday bag so the kids can draw to entertain themselves. I figure as long as they are quiet, they won't be disturbing anyone.  Sometimes they just succumb to the soporific effects of longwinded speakers and the older kids find themselves unwilling pillows for the younger ones.

I sometimes find myself drawing too.  However, some of my drawings are of things I see in church that are anything BUT boring.  Take for instance the "family program";  our bishop (pastor) likes to have whole families provide talks and musical numbers any given Sunday. Families with toddlers have particular challenges as seen below.

Then there is the annual Primary Program.  This program takes place in the fall and the children's organization provides the music, many thirty-second talks and scripture recitations for Sunday services.  Watching the kids as they are waiting to do their part is a fascinating study of human behavior.  There is always
(1) the kid who has to wave to his folks,
(2) the kid who panics at looking at all those big people who are WATCHING ME,
(3) the kid who nearly swallows the microphone when it's her turn to speak,
(4) the kid who talks so loud into the microphone that a feedback squeal ensues,
(5) the kid that thinks no one is watching while he picks his nose,
(6) the kid that has to have every part of his speech whispered to him in three word chunks,
(7) the class that sings VERY ENTHUSIASTICALLY for every song,
and others that are unique to every congregation.

And we love them for it.
 So while it may be true that I'm not setting a good example for my children by doodling during church, but there's just so many subjects to draw!  At least I'm not doodling in Sunday School.  (The teacher would catch me at it because I sit in the second row.)


Pam said...

Yeah you should see some of Andy's and my doodles! Why is it all my kids are better at drawing than I am?

Pam said...

BTW what happened to the first row?