Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Trifles

I'm inside today.  It's windy outside and there is construction going on next door to us so there is dirt whipping around.  My contacts and wind-blown dirt do not get along.

I wish I could show you pictures of my front yard projects but I broke my camera (sob)! I have a cell phone that takes pictures but have no clue how to transfer them on here.

My husband is home for two weeks while he convalesces after some foot surgery.  We are on separate computers and we email funny pictures to each other.  Don't judge.  We'll still be married to each other at the end of the two weeks.

I want to cut my older son's hair really bad but he wants it longish until Halloween so he can look more like a zombie.  In my opinion bald/buzzed zombies are scarier.  We'll see who wins.

My television works well when we are watching DVDs.  When we try to watch broadcast programs, the sound in gone.  We've tried switching antennas, bypassing the DVD player, switching digital converter boxes - no go.  Must be the tv.  Would like to get a new one for Christmas but there's that foot surgery.  Yeah, I'm sure you know how that goes.  It's okay.  At least I always know what my kids are watching on the weekends.

My oldest daughter and I have the same size feet.  She doesn't borrow my shoes though.  Not cool enough. 

I've swatted eight flies this morning alone.  Where are they coming from?????  When will they die off for the winter???

I've got two pumpkins from our garden that are going to get made into food.  My kids insisted I not make soup out of them. Cookies, bread, muffins, cake, and pie are okay.  I think I see a pattern here.

Is the election here yet? No?  Darn.  Who am I voting for? Undecided.  At least I'm undecided as to whom to vote for. I've definitely decided that I don't like any of them and don't trust them as far as I could throw them.  Pretty sad.  Where's Mr. Smith when you need him?

Love toast with hot cocoa.  Love, love, love.

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Lourie said...

Compromise with the hair, half bald half long, finish the cut after trick or treat.

Anything pumpkin gets me excited! Yum.

I know what you mean about those politicians. *sigh*