Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Dangers

I don't volunteer often. I guess I'm just selfish but if someone calls me to personally ask for help, I have a hard time saying no.

My youngest son is in first grade.  The mom of one of his classmates knows me and she called me up to ask for help with the class Halloween party today.  She's fairly uber-organized about such things and I knew all I had to do was show up and help out. No biggie.

But as a back up plan, (you know me - the Cub Scouter has to be prepared) I brought along a few bits of rope to teach the kids a couple of rope tricks. You never know when a disappearing knot trick might come in handy.

There were a few games around the classroom and the kids were split up in groups and they rotated around the games stations. The station the other mom put me at was simple: a bunch of plastic bat rings in a trick-or-treat pumpkin and the kids had to get them out using a straw.  The kids figured that one out real quick.  There was a lot of time left before they had to go to the next station.  So, out came the ropes and I taught them a trick.  Not many figured out how to do it all by themselves, but I think they had fun trying.

We got down to the second to last group and I decided to demonstrate a couple of tricks with my longer rope.  I had five short ropes (12 - 15 inches long) for the kids to use and I had one that was a couple of yards long.  I started doing a knot trick with my long rope but I guess I was flinging the ends around a little too fast because all of a sudden...
Yup.  I whipped myself in the eye.  Ooooh, that stung!  With my hand over my eye, I stood there for a moment to wait for the pain to go away and I had a curious sensation.  For a moment I felt like screaming and looking for someone to blame for the accident that I had plainly caused myself.  I think my inner child wanted to come out.  I didn't let that thought dwell long in my head and then I wanted to cuss a blue streak but I couldn't do that either because of where I was.  Then I thought, "what if my contact lens came out"?

That thought brought me back to reality and  I slowly opened my eye to see if I could in fact, see. 

I could.  (Phew).  Contact still in place, I looked down at the group of kids watching me intently.
I did my best to smile and said, "Don't do this at home."  That got a laugh out of one of them.  We moved on and it was over.

That's the last time I'll try to "whip it."


T&JCrawford said...

You recovered beautifully. I'm more apt to help out for my son's class than for some random PTA member's plea for help. But then, since I work all day, I miss out on a lot of things anyway.

Pam said...

oweeeeee! Glad it wasn't worse than it was.