Monday, September 10, 2012

Say What: What have I created?

The other day, my fifteen year old daughter asked me where something was. (Why does everyone think that the mom knows where all their stuff is?)

To answer my daughter I shrugged and said, "Search me."

She proceeded to pat down my legs. 

I yelped and nearly shouted, "It's an expression!"

The look on her face told me she knew and decided to go TSA on me anyway.

Sigh. (Facepalm)


Pam said...

lceenh Grandpa said, "It sounds like Jessica is becoming a mini Robyn!

Pam said...

Where did iceenh come from?

Lourie said...

Smarty pants! hahaha. I always tell them: When I finish using something, I put it away. :P