Monday, September 17, 2012

Monday Musings: the dirt

We have an interesting slope on the front and side of our house.  If our garden watering gets out of control, it runs off the slope and into our neighbor's backyard.  Not nice of us.  So we've been trying to think of ways to stop that.  A retaining wall and a ditch behind it would help but we didn't have the moulah to buy that nice landscaping block the home improvement stores have. 

However, someone on the next street had a retaining wall of boulders that the wife didn't like and wanted to replace with landscape block.  We came to an agreement. We would move the dirt from the boulder wall back about seven feet and they would let us have the boulders.

So for the last two weeks, maybe three, we've spent a couple of hours everyday digging dirt and hauling to the neighbor's back yard.  This is the same kind of dirt we have - filled with rocks of various sizes - that a shovel has a hard time getting through.  Pickaxe work.

It's almost done.  We've even managed to haul some of the boulders to our place.  Of course we aren't quite ready to construct our own retaining wall with them yet.  That may have to wait until spring because I still have a dry creek to finish in the front.  And the weather is slowly getting cooler.  And with the kids in school, my slave labor, um, helpers can only be of assistance on the weekends.

I wish I could say I've lost weight with all this ditch-digging, dirt-hauling, and rock-beating.  But no. 

So if I'm absent for days at a time. I'm probably up to my knees in dirt/rocks.

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work I go.

Hope you're having more fun.

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