Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Musings: What does grace mean?

We try to have a Family Home Evening on Monday nights. We try to have a spiritual thought and do something together; sometimes a game, sometimes a movie, sometimes a trip out for ice cream. Some nights it's all we can do to just spend time together.

Tonight I thought it would be one of my many "wing it" nights where I choose a story out of a church magazine, have our family scripture reading and prayer and call it "done".  It's not a great spiritual feast, but I had a real downer of a week last week and I just felt I didn't have the juice to come up with something inspiring.

Our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, puts out magazines geared to young children, (The Friend), teenagers, (The New Era), and mature adults (Ensign).  Flipping through the Ensign, I couldn't see an article that the children would have a chance at listening to me read.  The Friend was missing, but my son found The New Era for this month and I quickly found one that wasn't too long.

The article's title was "His Grace Is Sufficient; How does God's grace really work?" by Brad Wilcox.  I've heard more than one analogy about God's grace and how it dovetails with works, but growing up Mormon, it seemed like grace was always the last little bit that God threw in when we had exhausted our own efforts to perfect ourselves.  However, this article explained grace in a way that not only made grace make sense to me, but also put works into their proper place in our lives.

I couldn't read through the whole article without choking up. I had to pass the magazine over to my husband to finish reading the article. Did you ever have a moment where you read something or saw something and you just had the feeling that the message was made just for you? Like, the Spirit of God is trying to say, "here's what you've been missing"?  It's more than a "a-ha!" moment, it's also a "oh wow!" kind of thing. That kind of feeling helps you to feel that God really loves you and is looking out for you, giving you a boost (or, often in my case, a kick in the pants) right when you need it the most.

I don't often share spiritual experiences, especially here, but this was something I had to get out there.  Just follow the link, give it a read, think about it. I know everyone is in a different place spiritually and you may or may not get out of it what I did, but just in case, you know?

I think that this week is going to turn out better than last week. Not because my circumstances have changed but I may be a little more motivated to change.  May your week be graceful.

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Pam said...

I read the article and NOW I TOO understand a lot better!