Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day Back at School: It gets better right?

Even though my youngest was only going for a half day of 1st grade, (assessments? really?) I thought this would be the start of getting a lot done. Hmmm. Not so much.

I had a doctor's appointment. Just the usual checkup I thought, get the meds renewed that kind of thing. Well, there was a student with the PA. A male student. The PA asked if he could observe. I said as long as my clothes stay on. (I can see right now that I'm going to have a problem in my older years with male doctors who are younger than me looking at my saggy, wrinkled body.) So except for the vitals and the "how are you doing questions" we didn't get a lot done and the PA decided I'd have to come in "fasting" (read, starving) to have blood work done and so on and so forth.  I was just a little miffed that I'd have to come in again, especially since I'd already paid a copay. 
I drove home from the doctor's office with another appointment set up. I got inside and heard the phone ringing. I decided to let the voicemail take it. It was the first day of school after all! I didn't need to rush anywhere. Or so I thought.  The phone started ringing again as soon as the voicemail finished it's greeting.  What?  I answered it, not recognizing the number on the ID.

It was my son calling from junior high. He had been sitting in the office for two class periods because the office didn't have record of his 7th grade tdap shot.  He had it back in July. I had registered him online because a camp conflicted with the registration day.  Apparently the office wanted "proof" that he'd had the shot.

I hung up, found the yellow immunization card, and headed back out again. I wasn't miffed, I was MAD.  He could have waited in CLASS just as well as waited in the office for me to bring the stupid paper in. Two class periods behind the first day because some paper pusher didn't have one item in the file.  I didn't even try to hide my consternation.
Let me tell you, you never saw a couple of secretaries move so fast to make a photocopy.  As soon as the paper was in the copy machine, I turned imperiously to my son sitting with another SIX or SEVEN boys. I pointed directly at him and said, "Get to class!"  He scampered out of there.  As soon as I got my son's shot card back, one secretary tried to tell my son to go to class but he was gone already. I turned from the door just long enough to snarl, "I sent him back to class."  The secretary turned on her cheeriest voice and said, "Good for you!"  I stalked out of there.

Now that I have calmed down, I know I overreacted. Big Time.  I know the guilt will force me to buy a card and maybe some snacks and send them to the office with my son in the next couple of days. But I tell you, there are just so many hoops you can ask me to jump through. I'm a good trained dog most of the time. I know the teachers and staff are just trying to do what the district people tell them to do, and in turn they are trying to do what the state/feds/nanny groups tell them to do. But there comes a point when I just get so tired of the bureaucratic B. S.! 

There was a time in this country when kids went to a one room school house, with one teacher. Some kids went to school without shoes, without coats, without paper, without pencils, without extracurricular activities, without immunizations, without parents signing permission slips ad nauseum! How on earth did they ever do without all of our modern advances????  No, it wasn't perfect. In many ways our system is so much better, but it's times like today that makes me wonder if we aren't just killing ourselves with all our cover-your-butt, avoid-lawsuits, political correctness.  Is it too much to ask for a little common sense? How is making a kid sit in the office any better than just letting him go to class and sending a reminder note home about the "evidence of compliance"?

It's a good thing we try to have kids when we're young. Another twenty years and I'd probably be trying to take a swing at the principal with my walker for such nonsense.


Lourie said...

I love your comics! They are fantastic!!! hahaha.

I would wait and see if the school calls you about an unexcused absence before you send any goodies off. Seriously.

Pam said...

Well Robyn having made our way through theater I think that you SHOULD have gone in wearing the makeup of a OLDER person, dragging a walker and with the voice of a REALLY old person, flung the paper down and waved the walker around in the air, telling them you didn't have time for such shenanigans. Maybe you would have gotten an oscar! or a laugh or two!