Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Snippets

1.  Those bunnies that have been decimating our beans?  One of them bit the dust the other day.  My husband got out a pellet gun and Pow!  My son wanted the skin on his wall.  After drying outside in salt for a couple of days, it is now officially a trophy.  Beware bunnies, beware!

2.  My 6 year old son asked me to walk downstairs to get his pillow. I told him he could get it himself.  He told me there were monsters down there. I told him that if he got it himself, that he would be the only monster down there.  He came back with, "But I'll scare myself!"

3.  My older son came back from Scout camp with sunburn blisters on his back. I asked, "Why didn't you put on sunscreen?"  He said he had at the beginning of the river trip but they were out there for five hours.  I asked, "Why didn't you put more on?"  He said, "I left the sunscreen at camp."  I patted him on the back. He winced. I said, "What have you learned from this?"  He said, "Never pat a guy on his sunburn!"

4.  Our little town had a pioneer celebration with activities for the kids.  There were handcart races. When my younger daughter tried to pull a handcart with her friends, she tripped and got run over.  She's okay except for a bit of skin barked off her back.

5.  The high school is having registration - the day we'll be gone on a family camping trip.  I could register online, for an extra three bucks. I thought going paperless was supposed to be cheaper!  I thought the fees would kill us last year!  Free education....right!

6.  I couldn't find my cell phone for a bit today. I went to get the wash out, and there it was at the bottom of the washer. (Crud)  It is now taken apart and sitting in dry uncooked rice.  My husband resurrected a phone this way after it had been on the top of a gas station roof under some snow for a day or two.  Hopefully it will work for a totally immersed phone.  Hopefully.  My husband is going to have a field day with this one.  No, he doesn't know yet.

7.  The week I'm trying to dig a dry creek in the front yard is the week that we have almost daily thunderstorms. They don't rain much, but just enough to make it a little muddy.  Why didn't I start this when the temps were 100+?

Ta-ta, all!

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