Tuesday, July 31, 2012

My kids, the comedians

Since we moved to our new home, the basement has been where we hide the extra stuff.  It's also the play area when it's too hot to go outside and I just want some peace and quiet.  Of course, since I don't go down there that much, they don't think to keep it picked up.  I told them I wanted all the toys picked up down there.

A while after they started the job, I heard the oldest boy say, "Don't look in your room Mom!"

Such masters of reverse psychology they are. (Snerk.)

I didn't look immediately.  I know, that can be dangerous, but I wasn't rising to the bait so soon.

When I did look, I found this.

There's a stranger in my bed!
You may remember a dummy I made for Cub Scouts? Yeah I still have him. 

Of course you know, this means war.  Stay tuned to see where he'll turn up next.

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