Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Movie Night: Good Marching Song

We're a Scouting family. I'm taking my Cubs on a geocaching hike tomorrow and my oldest boy is off to Scout Camp all next week. 


Lourie said...

Okay I am being a little lazy and commenting on the week here. I think in the summer our schedules just get out of whack and people go on vacations(I don't!) so the blog just gets forgotten a bit.

I love the nature shots. All of them! I am determined to go to Utah next year. It's a shame my kids have never been, and have a chunk of family they have never met!

Love the march song. Have fun geocahing! We only did it that one time. We need to do that again!

Ruth said...

I LOVED hearing this song! This was one of my favorite movies. I really enjoyed hearing the entire song. Thank You!!