Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Late Monday Musings, but oh well

Wow, a week is missing.  And for some reason I can't type a title for this???????

I haven't spent as much time here because of several things.

1. We saw a rabbit in our garden. We have no fence around the garden. We have however, baited a box trap. If it does fall for the trap, it will be caught alive and released into the wild.  Okay released into the wild farther away from us.

2. We're a Scouting family. My husband is a Varsity leader, I'm a Cub Scout den leader, my son is a Boy Scout. And then there are the other activities my girls do.  Somebody in the family has been camping each week this month.

3.  Our yard is a gravel pit/rock quarry. Clay soils guarantee any water runoff goes into my neighbor's yard. I have a steep slope in the front of the house that needs to be terraced. And I have no money for landscaping services, so I'm doing everything by hand, myself and my kids actually, for a couple of hours each morning before it gets really hot. I'm exhausted by lunchtime.

4.  Facebook has grabbed me by the lapels and won't let me go.  I need a Facebook Anonymous, but where would we all meet? I've got it! Facebook!

5.  One trip to the library and I took away two novel series home with me.  Some 12 books in all. My son says, "You only have two weeks to read those you know."  I smirked.  Watch me.  It means I'm up reading late into the wee hours, but hey, it's summer right?

Okay, I'm going to try to put a title on this post and get it up. Is it my computer or is it Blogger? We'll see.

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Lourie said...

Thankfully we are done with camp. Ryan hasn't reached that age yet. Though he is chomping at the bit! Reading? What is that? I seriously need to do this. My mom has rabbits. Plural! Good luck.