Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Musings: The Mother of Invention?

Having a new house is quite a chore, or a number of chores rather. Landscaping from scratch being the biggest one. Before I can really think of doing lawn, or planting beds, or anything else, I have to get rid of these...

Yes, I have had my kids helping me with this task ever since school got out and I think we have slowly improved things, at least in the front...

When I started all this weeding business, I found my back didn't like bending over for long periods of time and my knees didn't like kneeling for long either. So I made myself a little bench to sit on out of scrap wood. It was warped, but so far it's held together.

If I need to sit up a little higher, I stick a 5 gallon bucket under it.

Not a bad arrangement, except my kids STEAL MY BENCH to sit on themselves when we are all out weeding together. If someone is unfortunate enough to stand up, another sibling swipes it. I've had to resort to swiping it back. Obviously this couldn't go on. I am outnumbered four to one. So I, the mother, necessarily made other benches... Today.

Tomorrow we'll see which ones the kids fight over.

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Lourie said...

You may have to resort to putting names on them!