Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just FYI

I saw a notice on the Internet long ago, it said....


Facebook is planning to start scanning your brain for private information through your computer monitor. To stop this from happening, go to Kitchen -> Cabinets -> Right hand drawer -> then REMOVE the box that says "Aluminum Foil". Then wrap all foil around your head.

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Well, I didn't think I wanted the whole roll wrapped around my head - it just says "overkill" to me.

I came up with design that is much more efficient, less wasteful, AND more stylish. And it's recyclable!

Now it's your turn. Post your foil hat on your blog and put a link in the comments so we can all see your industrial millinery!

1 comment:

Lourie said...

I love this! And if it is your profile pick for FB it's even better! hahahaha