Monday, May 7, 2012

Say What: You interrupt my grocery shopping for this?

My husband likes to go shopping with me - just because it's one of the few places he can get me alone. Okay, I meant without the kids.

Anyway, the other night we were doing the Wally world stuff and I get a call while we're standing in the checkout line.

Me: (seeing "house" on the caller ID) What.

11 year old son: Mom, (insert name of 15 year old daughter) is starting the movie you rented again. She's seen it once. She can't do it again.

Me: (eyes rolling) Give the phone to (daughter).

15 year old daughter: Hello?

Me: You don't get to watch movies twice in a row. It's someone else's turn.

15 year old daughter: (annoyed) Okay.

Me: Put (insert 11 year old son's name) back on. (Listen to daughter gleefully calling her brother back to the phone.)

11 year old son: Hello?

Me: When your Dad and I are gone, you don't call unless there is a fire in the house, a flood, or someone's dead. You can handle the first three zombies on your own. You do NOT call to tattle. Get it?

11 year old son: Well...

Me: You better get it, or when I get home, you WILL get it. Got it? (Husband grins and chuckles.)

11 year old son: (Disappointed mumble) yeah.

Me: Okay. I'll see you later.

11 year old son: Bye.

Seriously, I thought they knew the rules by now.

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Lourie said...

They only get the rules that apply to the other person! In this case, the movie. Kids. Urg! hahaha. I have sooo answered the phone that way... "WHAT!" LOL. Seriously, when are we gonna hook up?