Monday, May 14, 2012

Monday Musings: Mom's Day

Mother's Day was yesterday. I'm not going into the "should there be a Mother's Day or not". It is what it is. And by the way Mom? Thanks for everything.

My two younger kids did Mother's Day projects in school. They both did a version of "fill in the blanks about your mom" and I thought a couple of their responses were kind of cool, so I'm sharing them here.

My kindergarten boy had this page filled out this way:

My mother is 41 years old. (Close. Real close. Obviously he forgot my last birthday, the dear.)
My mother is 5 feet tall. (Again, close. Just need a few more inches there.)
My mother weighs 20 pounds (Um, not so close but THANK YOU! Now if I could only lose that much...)
My mother's favorite color is purple. (I have more than one favorite color, but that is one.)
My mother's favorite food is all the food she makes. (Not quite. I make mac 'n cheese for the kids, not for me.)
My mother's favorite thing to do is play WII. (I think he means this is his favorite thing I do with him.)

My 4th grade girl had a more involved questionaire to fill out:

"What would happen in your home if your mother...

Had a magic wand. She would wave the wand and the house would be clean and every thing would be in the place she wanted it and the garden would be ready to plant. (Yes, little one. But most days I'm still going to make you do your chores anyway.)

Won a million dollars in a television contest. She would buy a car we could all fit in, and she would get a couch and a better t.v. (Good idea. Where do I go to win a million dollars?)

Could take a trip to any place in the world she wanted to go. She would first make sure we could all go and then we would go. (Actually, true. I'd hate my kids to miss an opportunity to go see someplace they've never been if I could possibly afford it.)

Had a chance to go to the moon. She would at least take dad with her and have us stay at the grandparents for fun. (Ha! A second honeymoon. I like how this kid thinks!)

So you moms and grandmoms, what would you do if you could go to the moon?


Lourie said...

I only have one left to make those cute things, and his was a note to me....

Dear Mom,
I love you because you make me toast. And you are cute and kind.
I love you

Best note ever!

I don't think I would go to the moon. But I love the answers both your kids gave.

Pam said...

I would take a hot pad to the moon because I would be cold ALL THE TIME.
However, claustrophobia would kick in and I'd never make it in one of those space suits.
I would like to learn how to fly however.

By the way you are welcome!