Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Musings: Just a rant


1: The brand new garden hose that lost both end fittings the first time I tried hooking it up. Took it right back to the store but left my debit card there. I didn't realize it until the next day. Called the bank to report the lost card. Went back to that store for something else and the clerk gave me back my debit card which has now been cancelled. The bank likes to take 10 days to send a new card.

While waiting for said debit card I'm back to writing checks. Not all stores take checks anymore. And if they do, they run the check through a machine and have me sign a slip and then give it back to me. So I have to sign a piece of paper twice. How is that better?

2: Looking for staples at the store, finding none, buying the stapler because it came with staples, opening it up at home and have the stapler come apart in my hands before I can even get the staples in. Threw the new stapler away, installed the staples in my old stapler, and stapled away. I'm not risking trying to take it back to the store because I might leave my checkbook there by mistake and THEN where would I be????

3: My kindergarten boy is home for the summer a week earlier than the rest of the kids. Why? They started the school year a week later. Oh yeah, that week was a testing week. So why doesn't my kid get tested now? I think there is a conspiracy here. And it's hard to just growl at the teachers because they are just the nicest people. Aha! The school district is cutting kindergarten days to save money, the scoundrels. What a horrible thing to do to nice kindergarten teachers! That must be it.

In the meantime I get to hear games during my otherwise tranquil time.

4: I want to take my Cub Scouts geocaching this summer but the GPS unit is broke. Lovely. My hubby says the GPS for the car could be used for that, but I'm leery. I had no problem letting the Cubs hold the handheld unit - there was a lanyard on it that could be put around your neck so if you accidentally dropped it, the lanyard would (hopefully) stop it from hitting the ground. Not so with this other unit. It is portable, but no lanyard. Expensive though. If it drops .....I would not be happy. I may just hold the thing myself but that wouldn't be as exciting for the Scouts. A puzzlement.

I know. Not earthshaking, lifechanging or really more than inconvenient. Just whining and griping. But you know, you gotta do that sometimes. Can't hold that stuff in, you'll 'splode!

So share! What is your gripe today? this week? this year?

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Lourie said...

They are cutting WEEKS yes WEEKS off the school year here. Not sure by how much. But oh, the kids will still have a full week of vacay at Thanksgiving, 3 at Christmas and 2 for Easter! They only get 60 days for summer. But still.

I love that you used the staples from the combo pack and threw the cheapie broken thing away! haha!

I have gripes a mile long. And I usually end up 'sploding.