Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Musings: What the hey?

1. Why does EVERYTHING seem to happen the last six weeks of school?

2. What is the universe trying to tell me when I go to lunch with my hubby and youngest son and I decide to sit next to my hubby instead of my son and my son hops off the stool and breaks his arm? What??

3. Why do the nicest weather days happen on Sundays when I'm trying to keep the Sabbath holy and not go out?

4. Why do people in this country insist on saying our kids get a "free education" when I'm asked for $20.00 here and $40.00 there?

5. Why must the good for you food taste so BLAH!

6. Why can't I stay awake in Sunday School and sleep at night? Okay, I know the answer to the first part of that question. No names please.

7. Why do I have so many rocks in my yard? Oh wait, there's some pun-tential there. "My yard ROCKS!" "I'm a rock star!" "I'm gonna rock this joint!"

8. Why do the cops park one of their cars on a corner and not move it for months? In a small town? Where we all know no one is in that car?

9. Why do my kids do "flash mob art?" One of them decides to paint a picture and pretty soon they ALL have to. A six year old, a nine year old, an eleven year old, AND a soon to be fifteen year old. They use up the paper in about 15 minutes and then they disappear leaving all the paint, brushes, and curled up masterpieces out to dry. Is it inspiration or...I don't know!

10. Why does anyone care which "celebrities" marry whom? It's not like the marriage is going to last long anyway. SNORE.


Lourie said...

School is soooo expensive!!! And if you have one graduating...well you are paying tons and being super busy. Is this your teens first year of HS? Because I tell you, this has been baptism by fire for us. Her schedule has been crazy! And you are sooo right, it's like they want to cram everything in there in the last few weeks. And heaven help those of us with kids in 3 schools!!!

Pam said...

I told your Dad about all your rocks, that you don't have to buy any to be shipped in to landscape and his comment was, "That's what the pioneers did to clean up their yards and then they used the rocks for rock walls." Don't you just LOVE his positive out look on things?!