Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Musings: This year's garden...

New house, new yard, new dirt... new rocks.

I thought the soil was poor at our last residence. Um, shut my mouth.

This "yard" I have now looks like a moonscape. You can't get a shovel to sink more than half an inch before hitting a rock. In an effort to turn a negative into a positive, I decided the "parking strip" (where a car is not parked on, but next to) into a "xeriscaped space" (where nothing but weeds and rocks grow).

After a beautiful day in which I scraped, picked, raked, and more or less killed my knees, I had a place for the copious rocks the kids will be digging out of their "garden plots". My youngest decided to help out one morning before heading to kindergarten. I watched him from the house.

Pulling a wagon, looking for rocks to put in it...

...this one looks good. URRGH!

Pulling a wagon, looking for lighter rocks to put in it....

Excuse me, jingle coming on..."Like a rock! I was strong as I could be..Like a rock!" My apologies to whatever truck company that shall remain nameless.

To Be Continued.

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Lourie said...

Makes you wonder how the pioneers did it! Great pics btw.