Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Musings: Rediscovering defeat

No, this is not a Superbowl post. I didn't watch it. Didn't watch half time either. How could I possibly watch the Superbowl and still call myself a hermit?

Actually I should have said "the feet". I've been walking more. Not because I want to.

You see, I am out a vehicle. It's been a while since I didn't have transportation and I had forgotten how it slows everything in life down. Instead of getting my kinder in the car and dropping him off at school in the afternoon, I have to gauge extra time in the morning to bundle us both up and walk the mile to school. (No we don't get the bus.)

We count how many streets we have to cross. We look for animal tracks in the dirt road section we start out on. We get to see what the weather is really like outside. We play a little tag - he can so outrun me - gasp! We get a drink at the water fountain just outside his classroom before he goes in the room and I head back out.

He'll walk home with his siblings. I'm not so energetic that I want to go walk him home myself - I'm in my 40's, sue me - but I tell him the exercise is good for him.

I know if I was really gung ho about getting exercise myself, I'd walk him to school all the time, but I'm not. As soon as I have a vehicle again, I'll be dropping him off again. And I won't feel bad about it either.


Wendy Williams said...

I didn't watch the super bowl either. I'm trying to make my Sundays more "Sabbathy" and football just didn't seem to fit.
Good for you walking to school! We were down a vehicle a week or two ago and I had to catch a ride with my 21 year old son to work every morning. Let me just tell you, I wish I was close enough to walk!! Hope your car feels better soon!

Pam said...

HEY that's 2 miles of free exercise!!
Get an Ipod and listen to a book on the way home.

Pam said...

That's IF you don't load up on cookies when you get home!

Lourie said...

I didn't watch the super bowl or the half time show either. Though I am told Madonna behaved herself.

It sucks not having a car. We only have one right now, but I have custody of it. haha. But the last time we had one he did. It sucks. I hope you don't have to go too long. In the mean time. Enjoy the games of tag.