Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Musings: President's day peevishness

When I was in elementary school, President's Day was preceded by black construction paper sillhouettes of Washington and Lincoln, plenty of patriotic songs, and lessons about the United States government.

Now, it's a day off from school.

I haven't even been able to enjoy it, for the following reasons:

1. Half the kids had major homework to get caught up on.

2. The other half didn't which means the working half are jealous of the wii-playing half.

3. I didn't get to play the wii.

4. I didn't get to use my computer most of the day because one child was doing homework on it.

5. Said child should have done said homework BEFORE today.

6. Said child has parent teacher conferences tomorrow and mommy is not happy with midterm grades.

7. I have a drippy nose.

8. I have used almost a roll of toilet paper on said drippy nose - today.

9. I have a dark red sweater on and my nose matches.

10. Violent sneezing and weak pelvic floor muscles make for a strange half-run, half-dance to the bathroom.


Pam said...

AAAAAAAAA what came around now comes around with said daughter!!!!

Lourie said...

My eldest has to still play catch up. She was absent the last couple of days. I was using up toilet paper for different reasons. I won't get into why or where I am red. Being sick sucks! I feel better. I hope you feel better soon. I have an IEP meeting tomorrow. Should be an easy one.