Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Musings: Don't mind me, I'm just loopy

I tell you, having a cold for a few days can mess up an already messed up sleep schedule. 1 am and 2 am bedtimes, late naps during the day, up again the next night. Oy.

I'm in a weird motherhood phase. My oldest is in high school, my youngest is in kindergarten. I have more time for projects and yet can't seem to get them done because I never know when the middle kids need a box for this school project, or the kinders need volunteers for "dinosaur day" or my oldest needs some pushing to get homework done and grades up.

It's good that I do have the time to do this stuff. We live a bit more frugally than some just so that I can be home to help out when needed. So many folks have to work just to keep food on the table and they have to make do whenever they can when their kids need help with homework. I am honestly amazed when I see single parents pull off the impossible when they have to. It makes me want to try to help them out when it comes to their sons' efforts in my Cub Scout den. Like those Pinewood Derby cars - lots of work and so fun for the boys but if a parent doesn't have tools, or skills, then it's hard for a kid to fully participate.

In the meantime I'm thinking about putting something in the yard this spring besides rocks. Not that xeriscaping can't be nice and it saves water, but sometimes it just seems like a cop-out. Landscaping takes planning you know. I find myself thinking, "I need to sit down and draw a plan and figure out what I want and what I can do and go online and start 'window shopping' to see what this is all going to cost me."

And then my youngest needs help on his video game and I forget all about it. He doesn't get to spend a lot of time on video games but when he wants help I join in. It's like, well, next year he won't have this time at all. He'll be deep into homework and maybe I should spend this last bit of carefree time with him.

So, I have more time to do things, but have more things to do, and I'm not halfway organized so any particular thing gets done. Yet, in a way, I'm having a good time at it. Go figure.

How about you? Is your life just crazy right now?


Lourie said...

Crazy insane. We are in about the same place. My oldest in high school. She is in another play which means with Seminary a 12 hour day. Middle is in middle school-which is brutal. YOungest is in first grade. We have one car and I am the taxi. I have decided that everyone needs to do the little chores I don't have time for. And then later I can have them do a little more.

Pam said...

Yes there was a day when I had a child in each of the schools around town from college to Kindergarten.
But I LOVE these years of no kids around. Life is FUN! mixed with loads to do. Enjoy each stage! They won't come around the second time.