Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday Movie Night: In the car

I don't have one of those GPS things built into my car. My husband has a GPS that is portable and the voice is that of an Australian woman. One day, we were headed to his sister's place for the first time and he had put in his sister's initials along with the address. Her initials were SJ. As we got close, we expected the voice to say, "Arriving at ess jaiy," but instead we heard, "Arriving at the Society of Jaysus." We had a good laugh over that one.

It got me thinking though, if I DID have a built in GPS car device, like say TomTom, whom would I like to hear?

I loved this guy, Brian Blessed, back in the eighties flick "Flash Gordon". If you need a reminder, here's one:

Well, now Brian Blessed is on a GPS. HAHAHA!

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Lourie said...

How about Richard Dreyfuss? Sean Connery? Hmmmm.....Oooh! I know...Robin Williams. Oh man that would be hilarious. Cost a fortune, but would be a heck of a ride.