Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Musings: Something new

Last days of are those resolutions? Hehehe - yea, same here.

Actually I didn't really make any resolutions because I have a horrible track record with them. However, I am trying something different, something I've never done before.

I don't remember where I read about it or heard about it, but it seemed easy after watching this, I thought I would give it a try.

These are alfalfa and clover seeds soaking in a wide mouth quart jar with a strainer lid on top. After soaking for 12 hours, drained the soak water, rinsed the seeds and put the jar upside down to drain in the dish rack.

Every 12 hours since then, I've rinsed, drained and put the jar in the rack. Now I have sprouts. They taste like a slightly bitter lettuce.

They are supposed to be really good for you. For some reason, a lot of seeds, grains, and beans have a certain amount of nutrition when they are just dry seeds. But after you sprout them, they have more vitamins and other nutrients, plus the enzymes your body would need to digest them. To me, that's just amazing. Sure I figured the full grown plant would have more nutrient but the sprouts do too?

So we'll see how it goes. The kids have watched these things grow with some interest, now the trick is getting them to try them.


Pam said...

HMMMMMMMM I LOVE them on sandwiches!!

Lourie said...

Dang your good! I bought pumpkin seeds today. Eeek! I hope I don't kill the little devils.