Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday Musings: Holiday/Birthdays...what's your take?

Is your birthday a problem day? As in, does it fall on a holiday or anniversary that you would just rather not compete with? Does it matter at all?

I think it would be a little annoying, or maybe even greatly annoying, to have one's birthday on the following day of the year in the USA.

January 1 - (How many adults are hungover that day?)

February 14 - (You'll always get pink wrapping on your presents. Good for some, bad for others.)

Memorial Day/Veteran's Day - (Good if all your family does is barbecue, not so good if someone in your family died in service to his/her country.)

July 4th - (I think you can only tell the kid for so long that all the fireworks are just for him/her.)

September 11 - (Yeah. Who wants a party THAT day.)

October 31 - (You're only going to have ONE theme for your party for your WHOLE LIFE.)

The whole month of December. - (Your birthday presents are under the Christmas tree.)

Now some holidays aren't any big deal probably. Flag Day, National Hula Hoop Day, Labor Day, and those of that kind that don't draw the greeting card industry aren't going to be much of a challenge. Leap year can be a challenge.

What do you think? Any birthday challenges out there, or is it not even on the radar?


Pam said...

Well Jaden won't be giving up his birthdays any time soon!

Lourie said...

I have more than one friend with 9/11
My Little Middle was born on 6/28 and our city does a yearly celebration the last weekend in June so it is usually her b-day.
My MIL was born Dec. 23
My BIL born May 29
My niece May 30
Myself Sep 2 (sometimes hits Labor Day!)
Also have some friends with bdays on or around Turkey day and Emmy's is real close to Halloween!

Kathryn McGinnis said...

My birthday has always been a problem; it's today, and I HATE the cold and snow. A few years ago, my boyfriend's family hung neon fish everywhere, blew up an inflatable palm tree, handed out leis, and made me a dinner of Hawaiian pork chops and virgin pina coladas. Best birthday ever.

mormonhermitmom said...

Happy Birthday Kathryn! Yeah a winter birthday would suck for someone that would rather have sun. Hope you get some sunshine today!