Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Drawing a blank wall.

We're moved in. Pretty much. I mean there are still scads of boxes in the basement and only one car will fit in the two car garage, but you know what I mean. It's more little things now.

Such as hanging up pictures. This is always a bit agonizing. Especially when all your picture frames have been sitting in a box for over two years because you didn't DARE try to put a nail in a wall made of cardboard at the last place you lived in. (No seriously. My son put a hole in a wall with his foot. It was a heavy cardboard with wallpaper on it.) So many questions...

Where should this one go? Where should that one go? (Once they're up, they're up, I ain't movin' 'em!)

How about this group of small ones? (How to make them look cute instead of cluttered.)

Is there enough light on this wall? Is there too much? (Glare!)

Are the kids going to knock them off the wall in their games of Nerf-gun tag? (You know they are.)

Where did that ding in the wall come?! (Sigh, where is my spackle?)

GASP! Were my husband and I ever that YOUNG???? (Sob! That was 60 pounds ago!)

You mean I don't have a family portrait more recent than three years ago? (Oh that's right. It's on a CD. That means I have to transfer it to a USB, take it to Wally world...maybe three years ago is just fine.)

Is that dried spaghetti sauce on that frame? (I thought I cleaned those before I packed them...ew.)

Do I really want new neighbors to see this one on the wall? (A sombrero and a whiskey bottle. Hmmmmmmm, no.)

How come most of our family portraits are done at weddings? (Because I'm too cheap to get my own photographer.)

Where did all these little kids go? (The current inhabitants are tall gangly things.)

How do you prefer to arrange your memories?


Mom said...

As you know I like lots of hanging memories-grouped or singles. If the whole project gets to boggling just call in the Interior Designer. She can hang pictures with her eyes closed and one arm tied behind her back. And don't pound nails until you run out of Command Strips (love those things). Good Luck!

Lourie said...

I hear ya. It's hard hanging them up. And I have a pile of pictures--one of which is broken on my stair case. *Sigh*