Monday, December 12, 2011

Monday Musings: Making another move

Here we go!

You've seen me move before, the last time during Thanksgiving. (Seriously, we had dinner at Denny's on Thanksgiving - on the road!)

Here are my punks today, two years later.

That last holiday move just wasn't enough I guess, now I get to chalk up a December move. Thankfully it's just a couple of miles down the road instead of two states over. I hope I never do a December move again. Ever. Try organizing your deep cleaning around class Christmas parties, class concerts, and class food drives. Yikes.

I've got my "to clean" list, my "to do" list, my "to do before the move" list, and my "to do after the move" list.

Oh yeah, this bit is on my "to do before the move" list. Telling you guys so long for now because I don't know when I'll get internet after Friday. I may pop in briefly a couple of times this week, but mostly the posts are set on auto-pilot. And if I don't get a chance to get on between now and Christmas, HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you!


Wendy Williams said...

Those are some pretty good looking "punks"! And at least they're not wrestling this time! Good luck with your move. I hope it goes very seamless and easy for you.

Lourie said...

Take care. Breathe. It will come together. Thankfully you have the church on your side. that is always a major blessing! Good luck.