Monday, December 26, 2011

Monday Musings: The day after Christmas

1. Wow. The kids are actually playing WITH each other.

2. How long can I delay putting the Christmas stuff away?

3. Did I do enough this year? Did I do too much?

4. I will never move during the holiday season again. I swear. No really!

5. I ate way too much guacamole the other night.

6. Must. Not. Eat. All. The. Chocolate. Today.

7. Okay, just one chocolate. Then I'll stop.

8. When do I get MY turn on the game system?

9. Oh, I spoke too soon. Here comes the first tattler.

10. When does school start again?


Lourie said...

We did pretty good today. No major spats. I can't keep out of that candy! It's just so dang good! School starts Jan. 9th for us. How about you?

Pam said...

Dont put anything away until Jan 1st! Who doesn't LOVE the lights!