Monday, November 7, 2011

Monday Musings: Where have I been?

I know my posts have been really bland lately.

Like Vanilla Wafer bland.

Like oatmeal without salt bland.

I have essentially been holding my breath for the last six weeks because we are looking at another move.

"Wait, a minute," I can hear you say. "You moved not too long ago, didn't you?"

Well, yes, almost two years ago we did a major move. And in the last decade, our family has moved on average, every two to three years, so I guess you could say we were due for a move. Fortunately, this is a move only two miles away rather than two states away, and my husband won't be going ahead of us two months prior and leaving me with all the packing to do. So in a way, this move will be easier than most.

But it's different this time in one crucial respect and that's what has me in a state of suspended animation. You see, there is just enough of a chicken's hair of a chance that this move won't go off. In a weird superstitious way I haven't dared mention it here yet, because of that off chance that it doesn't come off.

At this point though, the likelihood that it WILL happen, has grown to the point where I need to say something, if only to explain why I may be absent from the internet during December. I know you will all be busy with the holidays and won't miss me, but it's something I'm doing to be polite.

After renting for over 10 years, we are attempting to buy a house of our own. It's been quite a bit different this time around as opposed to many years ago when it was just me and my hubby buying a little starter home and we both were working and had no kids. Zip, zero, nada. Now we have four kids and somehow that's compounded some of the worry and fuss. We had to be careful to find a home that had bedrooms that were close to the same size so the kids wouldn't fight over who got what room. We had to think of what school boundaries we would be in. We had to think of what carpet color would hide all the dirt they were sure to track in. And we had to hope that the kids would be okay with yet another move.

Not long ago, my youngest asked me "When we move, can the house be ours forever and ever?" I felt like my heart was clenching of it's own volition. I answered, "We're going to stay there as long as we can." We so want our kids to have a place of their own - a place they can say, "This is home."

I know home is where your family is, but there is something wonderful about the idea that you can put a nail in whatever wall you want to hang up your family portraits. There is something marvelous about painting a room a different color and not having to ask anyone's permission to do it. There is something humbling about having the opportunity to be a steward of a small piece of God's green earth.

So please pardon me if my mind seems to be preoccupied for a while. I'm praying everything works out the way it should and gearing up to start over, partially, once again. I'm thanking my Heavenly Father for all the little things that are falling into place to make this possible. I'm grateful that such a thing is possible at all!


Anonymous said...

No one deserves this blessing more than you guys. Lots of people are praying that "things" will continue to go smoothly and that Warners2 will be "home" once again.

Lourie said...

First of all I would totally miss you, you silly thing!!! Second, good luck!!!