Monday, November 28, 2011

I swear it's better than counting sheep

I've talked about my insomnia before. Last night I settled in front of my computer for some I love how I can watch episodes of PBS shows when I have time to watch them.

Nova is one of my favorites. I'm not a scientist but sometimes I like to stretch my brain with a science documentary. I watched the first of the Fabric of the Cosmos series (which talked about space) and I was still awake and wanted to see the second of the series (which discussed time). The subject was fascinating but I found myself nodding off. Before I knew it, the episode was over and I had slept through half of it. And this even though I'd had a nap during the day! Usually an afternoon nap guarantees that I won't get to sleep until late at night.

I was even able to get to sleep after I got up, shut down the computer and went to bed BEFORE 11 pm!

So if you need to get your zzz's, try this link and watch the time episode.

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