Monday, October 31, 2011

Say What: Guess what he said at dinner

We had dinner guests, two missionaries - young men out on their own for two years doing their best to share the gospel. Our congregation takes turns feeding these elders so they can focus on preaching rather than figuring out what to make for dinner, which would probably be Ramen noodles most nights.

Anyway, our 11 year old son is usually a bit of a goofball at the dinner table, but because we had company, he pulled out all the stops. These two introverted young men politely listened and sometimes they smiled and sometimes they just couldn't look at him. What can you do when the 11 year old spouts off zombie jokes from Boy's Life magazine?

Then when we asked our son to cool it, he said to the missionaries, "They're old. They have no sense of humor."

To which my husband replied, "We had you didn't we?"

And that did it. We all lost what sense of serene composure we had.

And then I dished up apple pie.


Lourie said...

Awesome!!! And yeah, I can't decide if the missionaries are scared or think we have the best entertainment! hahaha.

Pam said...

Actually the missionaries are just hoping you don't make them eat sometimes that will make them throw up! HAHAHAHAHAHA!