Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's a hat.

We are not a society of nice hats anymore. You know those old classic thirties movies? All the guys had a hat. The ladies would wear hats to go out in. Hats were necessary accessories then like electronic devices are now. Hats today seem to be limited to four purposes generally:
1) protection from injury, i.e., hard hats, bike helmets, construction helmets, etc.,
2) team sports, if required, i.e., baseball, football, paintball,
3) covering up a bad hair day, i.e., your hubby's old baseball hat,
4) protection from the elements, i.e., sun hats for gardening, knit hats for skiing, etc.

Notice however, that very few will wear a hat as a way to complete an outfit anymore, or outside of special occasions such as Halloween, or say maybe a royal wedding. I think this is a little sad.

So, in an effort to lighten my day, and by extension yours, I will here post a picture of me in one of my husband's more fancy hats. Drum roll please....


You're welcome.

Post a picture of you in a favorite hat and leave your link in the comments so we can all see you in your sweet chapeau!


Wendy Williams said...

You are awesome!!!! I'm off to find a picture in a hat.

Lourie said...

Oh man....I would have to find a hat....my husband has tons of ball caps. I have a cowboy hat somewhere. :D What a fun idea!

Lourie said...

Okay...what I found was a kid pirate hat, but you can't really tell that is what it is....


And then here is one with my hubs FBI hat...it's a real one. :D


Wendy Williams said...

Found one! Here's my link. Enjoy!