Monday, October 10, 2011

Cub Corner: "livening things up"

First aid is a basic Scout skill. Unfortunately, with Cub Scouts, we only do a little bit of it (putting a band-aid on a small cut) and it can easily get boring. I knew I needed some assistance.

This is my first aid buddy. Yes, I made him just for Cub Scouts.

He was in fine form to start with.

Then the Cub Scouts got hold of him.

Along with triangle bandages, they gave him a crash course in extreme yoga.

The Cubs practiced a chair carry, and pole and blanket stretcher carrying. I helped him run around the room pretending his clothes were on fire and they tackled him to the ground and smothered the "fire" with blankets. They practiced throwing a rescue line to him as he pretended to be drowning. "Buddy" took it in stride, and he never complained, but at the end of the den meeting he looked very run down.

Still, he turned an otherwise boring first aid lesson into something fun.


Wendy Williams said...

What a fabulous cub leader you are! It always seems like you're having so much fun with them! I bet they are learning lots too!

Lourie said...

Oh to be flies on those boys walls. hahahaha. I would love to hear them talk about their cub scout meetings. You make the best meetings.

Pam said...

Couldn't have said it better than they did! DITO

Natalie said...

I have got to show this to my husband. We might be making our own for the cubs down here.

Emmy said...

That is awesome! That really would make first aid more fun