Monday, September 26, 2011


What is that exactly? Oh, yes. What I so desperately needed when I was nursing babies and tried to grab every second I could. That was the one time in my life when I could literally sit still for a moment, and nod off. Going to sleep and staying asleep for as long as the kids would let me was effortless.

Now I'm back to my old insomnia. My mom would send us to bed and I'd be staring at the ceiling for a good long time. 10 p.m. would come and go, and then 11 p.m. If I was extra stressed I'd see 12 a.m. before I lost consciousness. I'm back to that again.

I even tried a melatonin tablet the other night - no zzzzzzz's any faster than normal.

In the meantime, I know my mental acuity is suffering for the lack of slumber. I actually FORGOT to take my kid to kindergarten the other day. (I hate having one day in the week where they go early and get out early. How am I supposed to change the routine in the middle of the week? Can't they have their early out day on Fridays? I could get my head around that.)

I mean, yes, I have the normal "switching my kids' names around" syndrome, but that comes with having kids....and aging...and for some people having twins, which I don't. That's something you see in all parents. Now I'm noticing I can cross a room to get something and forget what I was going for. I stand there thinking, "I know I had to get something, what was it?" I have to look at where I am and tell myself, "You came here for a reason. What is here that you need?"

I'm sure if I could get some more sleep this absent-mindedness might ease, but finding a boring enough book to do that is daunting. Maybe I just need a heavy one to knock myself out.

How do you go to sleep?


Lourie said...

Give the melatonin at least a week or two. Keep a note pad by the bed to write down thoughts and lists that run through your head.

I think it is crazy that they have early release in the middle of the week. Ours is Monday. The high school kids have late start but only once or twice a month on Wednesdays. Plus they run a block schedule. Yeah. Totally messes me up.

I don't have to do anything anymore to go to sleep beyond shutting my eyes. As my kids hae gotten older and their schedules have increased so has mine. When the day is done so am I. I literally close my eyes and am out. Try relaxation techniques that might otherwise seem corny, but work. I used to do them. Good luck.

Pam said...

Well keep up the Melatonin like Lourie says and also try a banana and milk before bed, together of course.