Monday, July 25, 2011

What am I doing????

My feet ache and my back hurts. My fingers are sore and my floor is sticky. Why?

I decided to really jump with two feet into the quagmire that is known as "home canning".

It started with the overabundance of radishes in my garden. I was thinking just a few radishes to go with the spinach and lettuce I planted for salads. Makes sense right? And then the radishes grew to the size of golf balls and I realised I don't really like radishes in salads - and let's face it - I'm not all hip on salads that much. Not that I don't like a good salad, I just don't have the knack for making a good salad. But ANYWAY... I couldn't let the radishes go to waste immediately. I had this water bath canner that my mom gave me a few years ago. I figured somebody must can radishes right?

Yeah they do! As radish pickles and radish relish - both of which smell absolutely horrible by the way, and yet they don't taste the way that they smell. Weird.

So I figured as long as I could do radish relish, maybe I ought to try preserving the other stuff that will hopefully come up in the garden as the summer progresses.

And then the lady that helps me with our Cub Scout den decided to go away to Alaska for a few weeks, and she had summer apples and apricots in her backyard that needed to be used pronto. Due to family obligations, they had to sit a couple days. Today I tried to salvage something out of the many squishy apricots. Hoo boy!

We'll see if any of the eight quarts of fruit I put up today made it when the 12 hours of cooling has finished. But that wasn't all... I peeled, pitted and cut another couple of quarts of the stuff in the hopes of making apricot butter tomorrow.

I tell you one thing. I'm going to look at other people's homemade jelly with a lot more respect. And I'm going to thank the Lord for the industrial revolution that made assembly lines possible so I don't have to do this to all my food full time.

Now my question this just a phase I'm going through, or am I turning into that "Molly Mormon" character I keep hearing about...

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Pam said...

WELL you are a darn sight more "MOLLY" than I am. I take the chicken way out and go to the store!
GOOD FOR YOU! IT definitely builds character!