Monday, July 18, 2011

Mangled Monday Musings: To the tune of "Clementine"

Okay, you know the "Oh, my darling, Oh my darling, Oh my darling Clementine" song right? Okay if you're 40 or older you probably do. Have that tune in your head while you read the following...

Running errands on a Monday
Trying hard to save some time
And I would if I could only
Manage not to lose my mind.

Left the wallet at the doctor's
Didn't notice until I
Went to fill up the old van
No card to pay with, me oh my!

Went on back to the doctor's
Found my wallet safe and sound
And the dumb van still needs gas
Once again, I turn around.

Got the van fueled, and I feel schooled
Hope the day goes better now
Stopped at the widow's cuz' she asked me
She gave me two loads of hand me downs.

Holy hernia! What the heckia?
Is all in these heavy bags?
Lost and found stuff from a school.
I guess I'm really not that bad.

Went to fax some stupid papers
Like I've got nothing else to do.
Had to scramble for the card again.
Now my brain just feels like goo.

Went through the wallet, tons of cards there
Why on earth do I carry crap?
Still can't find it, pat my pockets,
Oh there it is now, I need a nap.


Wendy Williams said...

Oh dear! sounds like "a day"! you deserve pizza hut for dinner!!

Lourie said...

Oh I have been there and done that. Pizza for sure!