Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Independence Day

Over two hundred years ago, our ancestors threw off an oppressive government with the hope that once free, they could govern themselves. They faced professional armies and mercenaries. They had to volunteer to raise an army, they had to scab together a navy. Their Congress had little to no money for supplies, arms, or pay. Squabbles within Congress, within the army, and in the colonies as a whole threatened to tear the fledgling revolution apart.

Any serious student of history could point to any one of these factors and say, "impossible - it should not have succeeded". But it did.

It is my belief, and you can disagree if you want to, that God had a hand in the American Revolution. How else to describe the miraculous circumstances that allowed Washington to hold his army together through starvation and horrible losses? How did a ragtag diplomatic ensemble declaring freedom from royalty manage to convince a French king to provide naval support? How did delegates from thirteen colonies manage to sustain a resistance amidst bitter infighting?

Despite the greatness of the human spirit, there is only so much that mortals can do when locked in a battle of principles. Divine Providence, karma, God, cosmic waves, however you want to look at it, there was a higher power involved back in 1776 and beyond.

For those who object to "In God We Trust", for those who say this nation's founders were irreligious, for those who say that religion causes more harm than good, for those who think God never existed, I acknowledge that you have a right to believe whatever you want and say what you believe. So do I.

And I believe that we ARE "one nation under God". To that end, I thank God that He helped forge this nation of freedom and I thank God for those that answered to the call to serve in whatever capacity necessary.

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