Monday, June 20, 2011

Yes I do love my Dad

No I didn't do a traditional father's day post. I don't think I could beat what I've done in years past anyway.

But I will tell you a little something about him.

Back before seat belt laws and child car seats, our family had a little Toyota. It was yellow on the outside and had red velvet on black vinyl seats inside. Driving home from church, we would start chanting "Zig Zag! Zig Zag!". He would shake his head, look slightly annoyed and then he would take every corner as sharply as possible so we would be slammed into each other from side to side in the back seat. Three little girls shrieking and giggling, glad to be out of church and headed home in the craziest way possible.

No, my mother wasn't ever in the car when this happened. She was pregnant and/or had a new baby at home and would NOT have been up for self-induced motion sickness. During those times if church happened to be during the baby's naptime, she would stay home with the baby and Dad would take us to church. Hopefully she got a nap herself. Not every Dad would take his older kids to church so Mommy and baby could rest.

Thanks Dad.


Lourie said...

My Dad would never drive that. He always did and still does drive like an OLD FART! LOL

Pam said...

Thanks for the memory! Your Dad DID have his moments!