Monday, June 13, 2011

Who said we're traditional?

Our twentieth wedding anniversary is this week. However, knowing he wasn't going to be home from his seemingly never-ending training, my husband purchased a plane ticket to fly me down to see him. He also arranged for his sisters to not only watch the kids but to make sure I got to the airport on time. (You girls rock!)

So we spent a nice weekend alone. Without kids. It's been YEARS since we've done that.

And then there was a surprise for both of us. Apparently the traditional gift for a 20th anniversary is china. Well, no one gave us china, but that's okay. When you have kids, anything breakable WILL eventually be broken. The in-laws sent a hilarious card. And one of my husband's sisters sent us a box with goodies in it.

Yup. A Chinese theme. (This woman is hilarious!)

Chopsticks, little champagne bottle poppers, a couple of noodle bowls (add water and nuke), chinese finger traps, and a paper dragon to hang on the wall. We just sat there with the box and laughed our heads off. We are just too boring to think of anything like this ourselves. We've got great family!


Lourie said...

Okay where do I start? Happy Anniversary!!! A big one! Your husband truly rocks. And well your sisters inlaw they are on the ball! I never would have thought of that! But now I have a plan for my brother-in-law and his wife next year! That is just awesome! Again, congratulations to you both!

Becca & Jesse said...

YAY for 20 years! I'm glad you liked it and glad for everyone that helped with the package. It was definitely a group effort! We love you lots!