Sunday, June 5, 2011

And now to catch my breath...

The first week of summer vacation is done, and I'm already tired and need a vacation from summer vacation.

Finally finished planting the garden after weeks of wetter and cooler weather than usual. I've got radishes, lettuce and spinach coming along and pea plants but no pods.

Two wild days of Cub Scout Day Camp with games, knot tying, skits, climbing, archery, and trying to keep nine scouts from running away too far amongst a hundred others.

Add to that an interesting phone call the morning of the first day of camp:


Me: Good morning!

Hubby: No it's not. I've just been in a head on collision.

Me: Oh!

Hubby: I'm okay.

And it turned out he was okay. He went to the ER and got checked with all kinds of tests, etc., and they didn't find anything broken or lacerated or punctured. He still hurt though. I guess if you were the only guy to get tackled by an aggressive defensive line, then you would feel like he does. And if you were to stick a wet finger in a wall outlet, you'd get the jolt that I did that morning. And of course he's still in another state for training so I couldn't just run to see him to check on him in person.

So it took me a while (and a blessing) to get out of that discombobulated feeling so that I was feeling almost back to normal for Sunday meetings.

It could have been worse. I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father it turned out the way it did, that my hubby was protected so he could continue being the dear husband and father he is to our family. I don't know the condition of the other driver, who had to be pried out of his car, who had told the police he fell asleep at the wheel. I hope he is okay too. As far as I know he is still alive and maybe he has a family that is also grateful that he is alive.

So if the rest of the summer is uneventful, that would be just fine with me.


Lourie said...

Thank heavens! I am so glad he is okay.

Anonymous said...

YEAH I LOVE normal and peaceful. I LOVE blessings and I LOVE the LORD for protecting both drivers.