Sunday, May 15, 2011

Well, so much for that idea

I have not been very chatty lately. I dove into two series of books that I couldn't put down (Fablehaven and Hunger Games), I had to come up with a bicycle obstacle course in the space of two days (I procrastinated, shame on me) for a Cub Scout Pack meeting, I had dental work done (again, I procrastinated, double shame on me) and I spent as much time as I could with my husband who was home for the weekend and then had to try not to cry in church because he had to go back to that other state where he is training for his new job. And now the toilet in the kids' bathroom is good and clogged and even my hubby couldn't fix it before he left.

Yeah. One of those months.

The kids still have a couple of weeks of school left but there is plenty of homework, especially for the one child who is looking at summer school if a certain make-up work packet doesn't get done pronto.

And then there are the weeds in the peas that somehow I'll have to get rid of, or I won't be able to find the peas once they actually develop.

So. You can see I have not had a whole lot of time to do more than read some blog headlines in the Google reader before I have to race to do the next urgent thing. Summer can't come soon enough and yet it is coming too soon.

Ergo, my humblest apologies if all you've seen from me are pictures my children have taken and some videos on Friday. I'm just a little swamped, I'm sure things will settle down.

Won't they?

Don't answer that!

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Lourie said...

My lips are sealed then. ;) Hang in there.