Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Status Quote: Edition, I-don't-remember-what-number-I'm-on

This was supposed to be done on Tuesday, but I'm hip deep in Pack meeting prep, so thou shalt have to bear with me.

Latest edition of Facebook statuses spearheaded by CA Girl.

• This Crayon says Peach, but it sure dont taste like Peach, and the Orange one was Yucky too! hahaha

• Gotta get the brain plugged back in to start my week off right ... wait. I lost the cord.

• I was "running" at my usual jog-esque pace today and I swear I was lapped by a desert tortoise. If he wasn't a protected species I would have kicked his butt.

• My alarm clock sounds like this MOM MOMMA MOMMY MOM MOM MOM GET UP only there is NO SNOOZE button!!! LOL

• I drove by a church & their marquis board said "Sign broken, come inside for message".

• A good day is when you havent KILLED anyone...a REALLY good day is when you havent even wanted too! HA

• Got two snickers for the price of one from a vending machine. I am doubly satisfied

1 comment:

Lourie said...

BHAHAHAHA! Every single one of those made me laugh! Hard. Especially the one about not killing anyone. I have said that..."It's a good day, I haven't killed anyone!" LOL