Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pinewood Derby Night: My stress is now down a notch.

There was drama last year. A kid's big brother "helped" by losing the wheels to the car and he didn't have a car to race. Tears. Big ones.

"Not again!" my co-den leader and I swore.

We spent TWO den meetings helping the fatherless get their cars together. And my hubby spent a few hours of his precious weekend with us in town to help those cars get up to 5 ounces. And we cajoled, and reminded, and worked harder than we've ever done.

Instead of an elimination bracket, where some get bumped out at the first and then mope the rest of the night, we used a great spreadsheet that assigned points to each 1st, 2nd, and 3rd, place car in many, many heats. They all ended up racing each other more than once and in every lane on the track and nobody really knew who won until the end.

We divided the racing awards by den as well as a "Grand Champion". We awarded 3 places for Best Paint Job, Most Creative, and the one voted the best in both categories got Best in Show. Everybody went home with at least one award certificate, some received more.

And now I get to spend time staying up late and packing for vacation. I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm hopefully going to get some rest before getting ready for next month's pack meeting: a bike rodeo.

But you really ought to see what the guys came up with first. I was running around the whole night doing this and that, but my son, who is in Webelos, took a lot of pictures and DANG, most of them turned out pretty good!

This is one that got a lot of leader help building, but the paint job was all his. Way to go K!

This one, the kid did all the cutting and sanding. That gouge by the back wheel was my fault. We were trying to dig out the bottom to recess the weights and the dremel tool got away from me. Sorry little man! But it raced well despite all that.

This guy had his college pride on! We were glad to see him out to the derby because he is so busy with sports we don't see him much. It raced very well. Good job B!

This was the red hot limo! It was also a decent racer and a nice job for a first time derby car maker. Awesome T!

This was totally kid-built and kid-painted, and it wasn't even a Cub Scout. It was my daughter's from last year, who if she had been a boy would be in Cub Scouts. She's always been envious of her big brother. This year, with the spreadsheet, we needed a pace car or two to fill empty lanes so no one was racing alone. This became one of the "pace cars" and my daughter was thrilled that she could participate. It was underweight so she knew she wouldn't ever win a heat, but she was glad to see it go down the track a few times.

This one is my son's car. The poor guy had trouble keeping this one going. One of the axle grooves nearly blew out entirely and we had to try to paste it back in with super glue. Another wheel kept sticking so we replaced it and it rode a little more smoothly. He managed to place in the top three in his den, and I'm proud of him for being a good sport. And he took great pictures so I'm grateful for that. Thanks buddy!

It's simple and clean looking and it raced well and placed in it's category. It was so good to see a smile on the kid's face. Well done J!

This is my daughter's other "pace car". She picked out the design, I built it, she pointed to where the colors should go. She tried doing the spray paint herself, but the nozzle was too stiff for her little fingers. I did the rest. It was the faster of the two pace cars even though it was lighter. I'm thinking that if this car had been up to the weight the boys' were, she might have kicked some tail.

Oh, this one had some sweet decals! Smooth and sassy! It placed high in the paint/design contests. Excellent wheels C!

We didn't get individual pictures for these two. The black dragster in the back was cut and sanded by the scout himself. It was his first derby and it raced well. He was so excited for derby night he showed up two hours early to see how things were going during set up. I expect him to do even better next year. Way to go Z! Then there was the hotdogger. This one took Best in Show. Looked good enough to eat. How can you resist mustard trim? Good one CM!

Now that's not a tailpipe coming out of the back, that's just a pencil on the table behind it. This was scout built and painted too. It's called the Idaho Spud and it raced the best out of all of them! This kid had the winning racer last year too. Awesome Ez!

Phew! It's like Christmas. You can only handle the excitement once a year.

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