Monday, March 7, 2011

Life is just...weird.

1. My kids had a goat follow them home from school Friday. "Can we keep him?" My answer was "No. And it's a 'her' not a 'him'."

2. I started the winter season with enough pairs of gloves for every child in a box by the door. I now find only left handed gloves. That ain't right!

3. My five year old has taken to saying, "You a cutie and gorgeouser!" Darn it. I peaked too soon!

4. My 13 year old daughter shoved a book in my hands and said, "You gotta read this!" Usually I'm the one who suggests the book selections. I'm halfway through it, and so far, it's not bad.

5. I found a bunch of carrots still in the old garden I planted last year and they are still edible. Those tiny carrot seeds are really hard to space out.

6. I got so tired of cooking that I had my kids suggest what THEY were going to cook for dinner when I made up the grocery list last Friday. Tonight my 10 year old is cooking for us, with supervision of course, pancakes with orange slices and sausage. I'm either a genius or a certified wacko.

That is all.


Lourie said...

My 13 y/o daughter wants to cook. I should let her. I am so over cooking. Besides won't that count in her progress book? You are totally a genius by the way!

Patty Ann said...

yep, my girls love to cook, and I have discovered that I totally enjoy the break. They eat everything they cook too with no griping, So I have got to say it is a win/win for all of us.