Monday, February 14, 2011

Tax Prep

I'm not a tax expert, but I did my own taxes for years until last year when I finally got some tax software to help with a tricky situation. I used it again this year and probably will for the rest of my life because once I have something done for me, I rarely want to do it for myself again. Despite the computer calculating help, I suggest the following when getting ready to launch into "tax season".

1. Have soothing music. There is nothing more nerve wracking than reading IRS publications and you certainly don't want to have heart failure. Find your happy place before going down into the valley of the shadow of income tax hell.

2. Chocolate. Have it handy. It helps with the form-induced depression that will invariably rear its ugly head.

3. Arrange for childcare or at least wait until the kids are in bed for the night. You may have the patience of Job, but a little expletive may leak out here and there. The kids don't need to see that - let them have their innocence for now.

4. Save all marital issues for later. This is not the time to mention the burned lasagna you had for dinner or the socks that never make it to the hamper. You have to be united when confronting "the beast", you can show it no weakness whatsoever.

5. Remember, this too shall pass. Like a kidney stone.

Good luck!


Patty Ann said...

Love it!! I feel exactly the same way. I usually go into the office a couple of hours early to do my taxes. It is peace and quiet there and I don't become a raging lunatic that way. I really hate tax time, even if we do usually get a refund!!

Lourie said...

We did ours a couple of weeks ago...waiting on the return. Any day now...I hope. We waited til the kids were in bed.

Chocolate fixes ANYTHING! ;)

Pam said...

The Government Tax Dragon rears it's ugly head again and not only BITES but BURNS!