Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Status Quote: Sure, you can choose your friends...


• We're Vikings. We have stubborness issues.


• If going to church makes you a christian, does going to the garage make you a car?

• All I'm asking for is a day without any made up words. Seriously, Clairol, "Silkenating" ingredients?

• Thinks Dat Peepl who type like dis need 2b Smacked in da head wit a DICTIONARY! R U Wit me? hahaha

• Sleep..Facebook...sleep.....Facebook...........zzzzzzzzz

• "It's weird... people say they're not like apes. Now how do you explain football then?"

• someone shut that rooster up before I do!!!

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Lourie said...

Oh the dictionary one is my favorite! And yes, the beauty industry needs to seriously stop making up words. It make them and us sound dumb.

Patty Ann said...

Oh yeah, I get so tired of texting!! Really, if you want to know where I am, try dialing the phone and asking me!! Have a great day today, and thanks for the laugh!!