Monday, February 7, 2011

Prayer, check. Scripture, check. Fun?

Last Saturday I went to a Relief Society program featuring a lady that knows what it's like to be a mom, and still try to develop "Holy Habits". Prayer? You know as soon as you shut your bedroom door, the natives start pounding. Scripture study? You know your eyes are shutting on their own around 9 pm when you HOPE you have the last hooligan in bed (but for how long???) and all you can do is fall into bed in a coma.
Meditation/pondering/listening to the Holy Spirit? Um, have you heard the noise level in the mornings getting ready for school? Yeah. This sister got it.

Her suggestions: Pray whenever you can, wherever you are; in the bathroom ("you know there's no 'balm of Gilead' OUT THERE") on your lunch break, on your errands, when folding clothes. Get scriptures on CD and listen to them in the car, put them on your mp3 player while you walk, think of something you can do to make them work for you, but get them in there. There will be a time when you'll HAVE more time, but for now just get in a daily dose somehow. When you need God's guidance, LISTEN. Stop chattering and listen. This will take time, it will take packing your ego away for a bit, it will require letting down the "pride forcefield" occasionally, but it will come with practice. Really listen. And not just in silence. Listen to your kids, listen to your spouse, listen to your neighbor, listen to your heart.

One last suggestion this speaker had for us: you are allowed a little fun. Wholesome recreational activities with family are a must. We were NOT meant to be "Nazi-mom" all the time.

I took that last one to heart. It reminded me that I hadn't spent some fun time with the spouse for a loooong time. Saturday afternoon, we got in the Jeep and while my hubby negotiated sandy soil and rocky roadbeds, I watched our GPS for the next geocache. It was fun and it was good for us.

Do you have a family night once a week? How about this week, let it be about having fun? A little prayer and a scripture verse thrown in won't be out of place either. But DO have some fun today.


Patty Ann said...

I like this post today. It is so true. I have found that it is important to get in my spiritual time any way that I can. My husband never read the scriptures, and now he taks his ipod to work and has "read" them several times. It has been good for him, and also good for us. I try and get mine in every day, but I need to do better at studying and not just reading. One thing at a time. My favorite scripture is the one that says there is a time for everything. That is what we need to remember.

Pam said...

Friday nights were what saved my sanity when you kids were growing up!

Lourie said...

Robyn, this post is awesome! And I never would think to say a prayer while folding laundry...or in the laundry room itself! We have been trying to do game night again, I think we are about 80% right now. But that is 80% more than before. And yes, we do need to get out and do things with the spouse!

Giggles said...

Excellent ideas. I listened to the entire Old Testament while exercising one year, and I did get a lot out of it. That was fun times.

And the reminder to have fun is a good one. Sometimes I think we get too caught up in a to-do list that we forget that one, so it's on my to-do list now.

Found you on MMB.

Morgan -Ing said...

I really totally agree with all of this!