Saturday, February 26, 2011

Now that Blue and Gold is over...

and I have recovered a little bit, here I have pics of the cake contest we had.

The categories were:

Most "Mormon" Cake. (I was thinking somebody could make a temple replica.)
Best Technology Cake. (This was for any videogame fans.)
Best Sports Cake. (Obviously for the sports fans.)
Best Scout Cake. (It was a Cub Scout banquet after all.)
Most Disgusting Cake. (Boys love to be gross.)

I will now show you the entries and then you can guess which cake won in each category.

This one is a bunch of cupcakes squished close together and then frosting laid all over the top of them. No knife required to cut it, just pull the cupcakes apart to serve and plenty of frosting for each one. I was impressed. There were two scouts in the family that made this one and one of them got his Arrow of Light that night.

This was titled, "Roadkill". There are plenty of such sights around our town. My son helped out quite a bit with this one. We didn't have black frosting for the "tire tracks" so just pretend the blue and green stuff is mold and mildew. Ick. My son also got his Arrow of Light (Good on ya mate!).

Please excuse the perspective here. I didn't realize until I downloaded the camera that I had taken this picture upside down. A nice bunny rabbit, very cute. There were two scouts in this family also, but their mom relented in letting them make two cakes. You'll see the other one in a bit.

'Tis a decent ship's mate, ay, sure 'tis. What party doesn't need a nice pirate?

This maze cake was made by my co-den leader's son. He has Downs Syndrome and he loves the color pink. He did all the frosting and layout of the black licorice by himself. I saw several kids hover his/her index finger over the cake as they looked for the way through the maze. Who'd have thought a cake could be "interactive"?

Okay, here's the second cake from the one family I mentioned earlier. At first I thought, "Ooh! A rich German chocolate cake!" And then the creator of this confection told me the title - "Cowpie." Ah. I preferred "Death by Chocolate". Oh well. A lot of people had a sample of this after the voting was over, and of all the cakes, there was nothing left at the end of night. There were cinnamon bears down in the bottom of it.

This was a neat one. That orange bit in the lake was a "log" with the scout's name on it, so I fudged it in the picture (or should I have said "fuzzed it") - can't be too careful on the internet after all. The log was a broken piece of waffle cone. Those waffle cone trees went fast.

I'll reveal the winners in the next post. For now, you get to vote for the best cake in each category like our guests did that night. Let's see how close your results are to theirs.


Patty Ann said...

Love them all, what a fun evening for the cub scouts. The cow pie was definitely a winner!!

Lourie said...

The roadkill one made me think of the armadillo cake from Steele Magnolias. haha. I love the maze. They are all so cool. The pirate one is cute too.

Pam said...

The last one was pretty good, but the roadkill one was very original idea!
I'm with Lourie, I liked them all.