Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hmm: Another useless invention

I rarely go to malls. Mostly because I have little extra spending money to blow there.

In a food court, at a mall that shall remain unnamed, I saw this contraption.

A "hurricane simulator"? Why would anyone pay two bucks to stand in a booth and have a huge fan blown on you? I watched the suckers, er, people who actually paid good money to stand in there. There was a loud roar, and their hair floated up a little bit, and a readout claimed that the wind was up into the triple-digits miles per hour mode. They didn't get rattled around in there. They stood up straight the whole time and giggled and smiled for their friends taking pictures with their cellphones.

I've never been in a hurricane but I have been outside during 65 mph winds. You have to lean into the wind to keep your balance. Your hair looks like a full wind sock at the airport. You shut your eyes to keep the dust from stinging them like needles. I have seen wooden fences bow down to such gusts. I can't imagine that a real hurricane would be easy to walk through or stand in.

Amazing what people will spend money on.

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Lourie said...

When I was at the mall yesterday, I saw a group of giggly girls climb into this very same contraption. It drew a crowd. They were giggling and squealing. Hey, you want to feel it for real...hahaha. I'd rather spend $80 to go to Disneyland and ride Space Mountain a few times.