Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Movie Night: How to ski

I am NOT a skier. My attempts to learn were much like Goofy's here, although perhaps not quite so spectacular, but with a touch of frostbite. My idea of snowsports is sipping hot chocolate by a warm fire inside while watching the snow fall outside.


Andy said...

"AAHHHH HOO Hoo hoo ooey, ah hooey!" I just love it how they got the yodeler to scream like a girl. Classic Goofy!

Patty Ann said...

Love goofy! And I gave up skiing years ago after an accident caused permanent damage to my knee. I don't miss it at all. the hot chocolate is perfect!

Lourie said...

Your idea of snow sports is exactly like mine. Personally I think The Goof is showing us why we shouldn't ski. YEAAAAAAH-HA-HOOO-EEEEEE! ;)